How to choose a Montessori tower?

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Choosing a Montessori tower is not done lightly. This educational tool, designed to promote autonomy and the development of practical skills in young children, must be selected with care and discernment. This article aims to guide parents and educators in this delicate choice, by highlighting the most crucial aspects to consider.

The importance of security

First, safety is the pillar on which any Montessori tower rests. tots treasure trove. It is essential that the structure is stable and robust, to withstand the often unpredictable movements of children. The materials used should not only be strong but also non-toxic, as young children tend to explore the world with all their senses, including taste. In addition, the rounded corners and careful finishes minimize the risk of accidents, which protects curious little hands.

The choice of model must also take into account the size of the child. A height-adjustable tower will be preferable, because it grows with the child and guarantees optimal use over time. Take a close look at the adjustment mechanisms to ensure they are both simple and secure.

The educational dimension

Beyond safety, the educational dimension of the Montessori tower is crucial. The latter must be designed to encourage the child to participate in family activities. The tower must offer the child the opportunity to interact with their environment in a way that supports their cognitive and motor development.

It is relevant to choose a model that incorporates additional educational elements, such as boards, utensil hooks, or accessible storage spaces. These additions encourage order and responsibility, key values ​​of the Montessori method.

Aesthetics and integration into the living space

Aesthetics, often relegated to the background, deserve special attention. The Montessori tower is not a simple piece of furniture, but an element of the family living space. Natural materials like wood bring a touch of warmth and harmony and fit elegantly into most interiors. The design must combine functionality and beauty to invite the child to use it regularly.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

Durability is an essential criterion when choosing a tower Montessori. A model made with ecological and sustainable materials demonstrates a commitment to preserving the environment, while providing the child with a healthy and safe environment. It is wise to favor manufacturers who follow environmentally friendly production practices and use renewable resources.

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