How to choose a Montessori tower?

Choosing a Montessori tower is not done lightly. This educational tool, designed to promote autonomy and the development of practical skills in young children, must be selected with care and discernment.

What comic book to give to a child?

What comic book to give to a child? Choosing an ideal gift for your child on his birthday is not easy. Discover our advice in this article.

3d puzzle: all you need to know about this construction game for children

A child has every right to be entertained and have fun with various games. This helps him develop several skills, understand the world around him and make discoveries. This is essential for their growth and overall well-being. Parents therefore have a duty to help their offspring enjoy this vital need of their childhood.

Where to train in Montessori pedagogy?

Montessori training allows you to learn more about this method of education. It should be noted that during the training, teachers or parents will learn everything you need to know …

How to put your child to sleep quickly?

At any age, your child may have difficulty sleeping. You may also experience some discomfort getting him to sleep, and that’s normal. Here are some little rituals to try to help your baby or child fall asleep.

Start date of pregnancy: how to know it

Calculating the start date of pregnancy is a crucial element for future mothers. This information is not only important for planning medical monitoring of the pregnancy, but also for determining the probable date of delivery.

Coloring, an activity to entertain your children

There are a thousand and one activities dedicated to children to entertain them while educating them. If you want to offer your little ones games with which they can have fun while learning, you can provide them with coloring pages to stimulate their creativity.