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Free coloring of characters from the Dragon Ball Z manga to print and color. In this drawing, you will be able to color Goku, his family and his friends. Unfortunately for the girls, this family photo only depicts the fighters. The girls were not invited for this photograph. We therefore find Goku, the main character of the Japanese television series. His son also a Sayien Sangohan. The faithful friend and former enemy Piccolo or better known as Little Heart. There is also Trunks, the son of Bulma and Vegeta. The latter was also present. Without forgetting Krillin, Goku’s best friend. The characters squeezed together to all appear in the photo. I continue the list with the lesser known ones like Yamcha, Ten Shin Han and the cyborg C-16. Now all you have to do is color with lots of concentration.

Dragon Ball Z Coloring Page

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